Asociación Española del Labrador Retriever

Ya tenemos la camada inscrita en la Web de la Asociación Española del Labrador Retriever, en el apartado “CAMADAS”.

Para poder verla pincha en este enlace:

He was on a lovingly

He was on a lovingly rebuilt vintage Schwinn tourer and I had a titanium racer, which made me feel ludicrous but at least provided a conversation starter. Though almost nobody we met rode recreationally, nearly everyone got some level of pleasure from riding and from bikes. That was something we could share..

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I can remember calling about him 12 years ago. I called animal control which said it was not their responsibility. I called the Sheriff’s office and nothing was done, so called them again and a humane society that was involved in horse rescue. Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley is investigating the fire, and though she did not name the targets of the probe, she said charges could range up to murder. Meanwhile, city firefighters and county sheriff’s deputies said Tuesday they have combed through 85 percent of the 160 foot by 48 foot building and don’t expect to recover more victims. News conference..

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But solutions exist

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Many of the homeowners said it’s a great opportunity to get together with the neighborhood, and can even be a chance to showcase some locally made artwork.”It’s been great, I think it’s just an awesome selection of all different people, all different stuff all around the neighborhood. It’s a great opportunity to get exposure for a lot of different artists out there if you make your own stuff. It’s just awesome to get everybody in the neighborhood out and about, and you can find some really cool stuff and lots of stuff for really cheap,” said Amy Schmitz, who’s hosting a sale for the first time in the neighborhood.